Why change

The American people are slowly being marginalized by Corporations who have no concern about how their actions affect the American people; our politicians allow this because Corporations fund their campaigns for reelection, that is the crime in our present political situation. This fact compels us to take the power from the politicians and make laws that benefit all Americans, not just the wealthy 1% of the population.  Our future is at risk and we must act now by defusing the law makers by creating a system where all Americans may vote for laws that are important to them and affect their families future. The system is simple but must be verifiable; fingerprint check function on smart phones, retinal scan function on smart phones can  help verify citizens validity as they vote using a secure website monitored by federal law enforcement agencies. We can vote for laws that will benefit our country directly and do this in a secure manner-it is that simple. The Social Security Administration and Immigration office can verify every citizens identification and link their finger print or retinal scan to a their smart phone in order to facilitate the voting effort on the ground. When the public votes for a law with 51% of the vote, the politicians will be directed to vote for the law without any conflict or opinion eventually representatives will no longer be needed as we perfect the popular vote system.  
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