The problem is our Constitution: the folks who wrote up the document did not want the common man to have a say in government matters, that is clear now, the electoral college, the statement “ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL” which, they clearly meant to say all “WHITE” men are created equal, clearly they knew they had the power and they did not intend to give it away to the masses. We can debate that point but what is true today is that all men are equal and that includes women. Today men and women are more informed about our world than the folks who wrote the Constitution and are more capable of governing all aspects of our society in a well informed manner. The Constitution is a gift we must cherish and protect once we fix it. We will change our constitution to represent all citizens interests. We must take out the representative aspect of our Constitution and make it a true democratic document where all votes are counted when we seek to create laws that govern our society, laws that will affect all American citizens.

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