Healthcare Flash point – Yahoo Mail – Flashpoint

Healthcare in the US will be the flashpoint for the American people. It is clear that healthcare affordability for all Americans will ignite a demand for change and the only way to get it changed is for us to change how lawmakers process laws. The process is broken and we must change it by taking away the power of choice away from the corrupt politicians and empowering the people to pass the laws we need to enhance our quality of life. If we overrule Congress by legitimizing the “Popular” vote, we can control our government. We must vote in legislators that will be contractually bound to approve bills the popular vote has approved through the popular vote  open season. Conceptually speaking; we can all verify our legitimacy through a citizen verifying process which when finished, will empower each individual with a secure smartphone linked to that individual who then, may vote directly for laws waiting to be ratified by congress. Clearly an Information Technology (IT) challenge but I’m confident that we have the smart individuals that can make it happen in a secure way.
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