When we are all set up: You will download a secure Government app. that will allow you access to many important bills pending ratification; you will have a time window to place your vote and soon after you will get a message asking for confirmation to your vote, after you confirm your vote it will be added to the hat. After the voting window closes, you will receive a notification of the popular vote and with that the bill will become law. Yes many issues come up like: security of the app. our Government Information Technology Experts will deal with that task but truth be told, when 200 million citizens are voting we will expect some glitches but ultimately, we will know 51% votes for a bill will be clear and verified. EXAMPLE: Healthcare choice 1 (no cost option) 1. Regulate all medical procedures so there is nothing over $100.00, Drugs regulated so there is no drug over $10.00 Keep Doctors pay at current rate but eliminate mall-practice insurance, Give Doctors bonuses if they can improve patients health conditions. Keep Nurses pay at current rate, they assist doctors on improving overall health condition. Nationalize Hospitals as the go bankrupt. Drug companies will give up their patent on needed drugs along with that, we will focus on education of new breed of biochemist that will focus on all deceases known and prioritized by number of infection or illnesses. 2. Some concept different than this: 51% of verified votes ratify option 1. , option 1. becomes law

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