Concept: no congressional vote will be validated that goes against what the popular vote calls for, example; global warming legislation is voted down, the popular vote validates the bill, the bill becomes law, example 2, Healthcare for all is voted down, the popular vote overrides that vote and bill becomes law, basically, we are taking the foolishness out of the congress, how do we do that, we Amend article 2 to state that all representatives will be directed to vote as the popular vote ratified during the popular vote procedure.When submitting their own vote, they will follow this directive and if they fail to comply, their state must replace that representative quickly or loose that influence in congress. It is that simple; Amend the articles that nullify the popular vote. Presidential Order #1 verify/validate all votes coming from the population through the SSA, Immigration, all offices who validate identity. This action will start the process of establishing a process for true democratic action to verify our congressional votes. Items to Vote on 1.  Healthcare for all Free/lowest cost; how, regulate price of healthcare, there is no reason for an MRI to cost thousands, Regulate drug companies’ ability to set outrageous prices. We must not affect the medical professionals’ income, they are what is good in our healthcare system. We must take profit out of our illness: When we nationalize our healthcare industry, no profit will be available for Medical Corporations and they will go away. 2.  Global Warming: Solar, nuclear, wind power must be the only way to power our country, influence other countries to do the same, all cars will be electric ASAP.  Education must be free: fund our schools at all levels at no cost but give our teachers merit based raises. 4.  American Continental Union: partner with all countries north and south of us to eliminate all drug crime and stop the illegal migration for good. 5.  Stop the waste of federal resources, balance the deficit quickly by cutting the military in half, take the waste out of bills passed through congress.  

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